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P.E.B System

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  • Faster occupancy
  • Cost efficiency
  • Flexibility of expansion
  • Single-source responsibility

Build a Donsung P.E.B

Strong customer appeal and distinctive appearance are of prime importance in planning and constructing new buildings. The appearance and function of the structure are very important in helping your company project a strong image within the business community.

Predictability of construction costs and construction time are also of significance in your decision to build. The sooner you are able to occupy your new facility, the sooner you can begin making a profit.

Dongsung P.E.B is aware of the importance of your specific needs in your new buildings, and stands ready to help you solve problems fast, economically, and efficiently.

Features of the P.E.B System

The latest trend in building steel-frame structure construction.
PEB features inexpensive cost of construction, short construction period, and efficient quality control based on streamlined processes, including planning, structural design, manufacturing and construction.

  • It secures stability based on interpretation of precision structure.
  • It guarantees lightweight building with the optimum design.
  • It reduces construction costs using lightweight truss.
  • It shortens design period by using an exclusive program for structure design.
  • It provides new methods in constructing large and long span buildings.
  • It simplifies the use of crane and equipment and the construction of ceiling
  • It shortens construction period.
  • It gives perfect production and quality control.
  • It applies in a variety of buildings.